Back in the game!

Following a long break due to the health situation, we are now back in the sky enjoying freefall! It is time to contact us to book your tandem jump in the French Riviera, your AFF level 1 jump or to improve your skills. Picture & video: Patrick Leimbert

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Weather hold due to COVID19

As most of the humans worldwide, we have to stay at home to help the caregivers fight the virus. All skydiving centers are closed in France and we wait for the official instructions from the French government and the FFP to get back in the sky. During this period, skydivers[…]

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We are getting back in the sky on March 2nd!

The cold is still there but in the south the temperatures remain mild. The parachutist activity has been on hold since December but impatience is beginning to be felt among skydivers! Riggers begin to work, revise equipment, repack reserve parachutes, and so on. Skydivers start to pack their parachute in[…]

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Interviewing our coach, Zun

We had the opportunity to introduce our monitor, Stéphane Zunino, living legend of skydiving. After more than 25 years in the sport, Zun is still as passionate and continues to jump as soon as he can, whether to train students or to push wingsuit flight ever further. We wanted to[…]

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Tandem au coucher du soleil

Start of the skydiving season 2018

Parachutes have been checked, reserve canopies have been repacked, all the gear was well stored to spend the winter warm. The season will soon resume! The Luc was to reopen this weekend but because of heavy snow in the Alps, the plane is blocked at Gap this weekend. The official[…]

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Vue du Luc

A busy 2017 skydiving season !

The 2017 season has been busy for the Parachute Club de Cannes! To date, we have 194 members including 113 men and 81 women. We made 1651 parachute jumps, 259 more than the previous year, during which 1392 jumps were made. Of these 1651 jumps, 169 were tandem jumps. A[…]

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Season 2015 compilation

Waiting for the season 2016 start, our videoman Patrick Leimbert shares with us his edit of his 2015 season, screening freefly and a bit of relative work.   Do not forget to take advantage of the winter to check your gear, repack your reserve and to take your 2016 licence.[…]

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60 ans du Paraclub de Toulon

Dropzone closing

Hello all, The dropzone will have its last week-end of jumps (December 25th, 2015) before its annual closing for the winter. It will reopen on the first week-end of March 2016. Do not miss this last week-end! Our beloved coach, Stéphane Zunino, will be there for wingsuit organizing, freefly and[…]

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