We are getting back in the sky on March 2nd!

The cold is still there but in the south the temperatures remain mild. The parachutist activity has been on hold since December but impatience is beginning to be felt among skydivers!

Riggers begin to work, revise equipment, repack reserve parachutes, and so on. Skydivers start to pack their parachute in their living room so as not to lose their hand and to delay their impatience.

Novices also start contacting us to plan their first jump, whether in tandem jump or AFF level 1 jump where you can jump by yourself! Some already want to register for the AFF, accelerated freefall course, to become autonomous skydiver.

Anyway, still a little patience, on March 2 skydiving activity resumes!

Some imges from last season by Anthony Guiffray, CEPCA President: