Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF)

You have always dreamt of skydiving? You have already tried tandem skydiving and want to go for the next step? Or you just want to start skydiving without going for a tandem jump? Become an autonomous skydiver with the AFF Course!

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is the most efficient and quickest method to start skydiving autonomously. The AFF Level 1 jump is the first jump of the training.

The course of the training


In general, the course lasts one week and includes eight jumps (six jumps accompanied and two solo jumps). You will be accompanied by two instructors for the first jump and only one for the next ones. Each jump is carefully prepared on the ground. The theory course is the same as for AFF Level One jump.

Your equipment for jumping, will consist of a jumping suit, a helmet, goggles, an altimeter, and of course, a parachute that suit your size.

During the first jump, one of the monitors will be in front of you to communicate with signs any corrections to your position which should be stable. The other instructor will maintain the parachute harness to ensure your stability and your safety.

Over the next jumps, you learn to exit alone in different positions: sitting, on your back, flipping, tracking, you will control the left and right rotations.

Thanks to his camera, your instructor will analyse your jumps to assess the achievements and the corrections required for the next jumps. He will debrief you on the ground with the video.

At the end of the course, you will have your independence and be a solo skydiver!

You can jump by yourself and continue your progress to obtain certificates sanctioning the different stages of practice.

Requirements for AFF Course

  • Minimum age 15 years old
  • Medical certificate from your general practitioner
  • Parents authorisation for underages