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A busy 2017 skydiving season !

The 2017 season has been busy for the Parachute Club de Cannes!

To date, we have 194 members including 113 men and 81 women. We made 1651 parachute jumps, 259 more than the previous year, during which 1392 jumps were made. Of these 1651 jumps, 169 were tandem jumps.

A large part of our practice and progression, including AFF sessions, takes place in other dropzones, especially in Tallard while AFF level 1 are performed on the DZ of Cannet des Maures.

Some of our members have spent hours in the wind tunnel, technically compensating for a significant number of plane jumps.

Regarding the certificates, Romain Mehdi obtained his BPA and Anthony Guiffray has started his training for becoming a Federal Instructor.


Photo (c) Kenzo Dupont